Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Buzz

So, all you coffee drinkers out there...this is tale to tell you how right you have always been.

There once was a girl who had grown and matured into a strong and healthy coffee drinker. Each morning and often each evening befor breakfast and after dinner she would enjoy a strong/bold cup of liquid gold. Savoring each sip she enjoyed the deep hints of chocolate in her beverage and the extra kick to your energy levels the warm cup of goodness afforded her.

Sadly, this relationship was not meant to last. Like any good growing addiction it had to be cut off at the roots.

So, off I road into the wild gray mist of quiting coffee. I have quite many things in my life and I figure another go at dropping the old cup o' joe would be a snap. must also be noted that at this time I was (and still am) working a job that had me arising from my bed around 5:30am every morning. THIS is a MASSIVE point of consideration in my humble opinion. Anyway, having had some experience with this type of situation in the past I decided I would switch to hot tea. Hot tea is a respectable hot drink...good for your drink less sugar...non-inflammatory the list goes on. So, my first day was a bit rough I was sleepy but it was early and I new I would snap out of it as the day went a long. 1pm...3pm...6pm...all passed at a crippling speed. I was sooo tired all day long I could hardly get any work done. I figured it was a first day issue and that as the week went on it would progressively better. Alas, I was mistaken....completely and utterly mistaken. There was little to no improvement from the first day of caffeinated solitude as there was from the tenth day. Still, I persevered determined to whip my slate clean of this "need" for my morning fuel. I continued on in agony for about a month and then that fateful day came when I decided to ever so slightly falter in my resolve.

My husband, for the past month, would ask me every morning if I wanted coffee or tea. He hates tea, but that is another issue/story for another time. So, I was getting ready early on morning when he popped his head into the bathroom and said it those three little words, " Coffee or Tea". And before I could stop myself the "Coffee" slipped right out of my mouth. Although, I could have taken it back I decided best to go with my instincts that morning. We trotted off to work and I began to slowly sip on my coffee throughout the morning. I began working and was amazed to find the pile of work on my desk almost disappearing before my eyes. I was getting lots of work done and wasn't really even considering how boring the work was either. Then I started getting faster and faster and faster until I hit it....THE BUZZ...I was multi-tasking like a mad woman. Instant messaging 2-3 people at once, checking up on some personal business, answering questions for people, assisting with various projects, while having the highest personal productivity day ever. Then it hit me.....It's the Coffee! I had not had coffee in a month and then one day it all came crashing down. I had so much caffeine my body didn't know what do with it all. So, it just went forwards, upwards, backwards, and any other which way you could think of.

Now you might be thinking, well she learned her lesson and went back to coffee. Nope! Back to the herbal tea I went running, but now I am a bit more back and forth. What is life without the continual pursuit of the perfect balance in all things.....BORING!

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